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10 Outrageous Celebrity Owned Private Jets

These days, cars and houses aren’t the status symbol they used to be. Any plain one-hit wonder celeb or stupid reality show star can get a Bentley, but you know you really made it when you’ve got your own airplane. Oh yes, private jets, the ultimate symbol of wealth. But still very few can actually say “let’s just take my plane”. Ever wonder who really has that jet money? You may be able to guess a few of the obvious but you may be surprised by one funny guy’s very serious aircraft. So, we compiled a list of the elite that are lucky enough to not only travel the world as they please but travel the world in the privacy of their own plane. Here’s the specs on ten celebrity owned jets.

Ronaldo Net Worth

Ronaldo Net WorthRonaldo Net Worth: Ronaldo is a football player, actor. Ronaldo was born 18-Sep-76 in Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, Funchal. According to Forbes, Ronaldo Net Worth is $150 Million. Striker known as The Phenomenon who won World Cup titles with Brazil in 1994 and 2002, and in 2006. He held the record for most goals scored in World Cup play with 15 until Miroslav Klose scored his 16th in 2014. He played for 7 different club teams, most notably Inter Milan and Real Madrid, and he received the Ballon d’Or in 1997 and 2002. Goal.com named him the Player of the Decade in 2011 and he was selected to become President of the Brazil Soccer Federation in 2014. In 1993, he led Cruzeiro to their first Copa do Brasil championship and was denied a chance to play with his dream soccer team, Flamengo. He, Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo became the first players to win three FIFA Player of the Year awards.

Ronaldo Net Worth is $150 Million

First Name Ronaldinho
Last Name Gaúcho
Another Name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira
Age 37 years
Date of Birth 21st March, 1980
Place of Birth Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Height 5′ 11¼” (181 cm)
Build Athletic
Eye Black
Hair Black
Distinctive Feature Toothy Smile
Star Sign Aries
Sexuality Straight
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnicity Black
Nationality Brazilian
Profession Professional Athlete
Profession Football
Claim to Fame Barcelona FC
Friend Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zinedine Zidane

The Most Expensive Cars In The World For 2020

No matter how old we get we all love our toys and the rich are no different. Super-cars, many of which are too fast to be even road legal have become the ultimate toy for the elite. Many of the cars on this list are just that and all are above the sacrosanct $1 million USD mark, putting them well above the reach of mere mortals. By mere mortals here we also mean professional athletes and mega lottery winners as well, both of whom would struggle to afford some of these cars.

10. Koenigsegg Regera- $1.9 million

The cheapest car on this list is also one of the fastest. The Regera, whose name literally translates to reign/rule, has a 5 liter twin-turbo V8 engine augmented by 3 electric motors giving it an eye-watering 1822 horsepower. Oh, and did we mention that it is exclusive too? There were only 80 units ever made.

The Top Luxury SUV’s That Money Can Buy

Also referred to as motor coaches or motorhomes, luxury RVs are some of the most fêted extravagances today. Typically, these vehicles offer you the luxury of having a kitchen, bathroom and all other necessary house amenities on the road, thereby ensuring you get a true ‘home away from home’ experience.

In the last few years, the world has seen a rise in demand of the RVs with several superstars and celebrities such as Will Smith taking the lead to acquire one for themselves. You could be the next in line to own one of these extravagant motor coaches yourself. Before then though…have a look at the following most expensive luxury RVs on the market today.

The Ultimate 7 Stores For A Man’s Wedding Day

There are four main things to have at your wedding, every bride will tell you these are the groom, the perfect dress, an amazing photographer and the perfect venue, because the wedding is all about the bride and how amazing, her special day.

What if we told you that this year it’ll be all about the groom. The groomsmen usually wear tuxedos or suits. Although no man wants to outshine his bride, it’s time for us to focus on the men in the wedding party a little bit more.

After all, it’s their special day too, and with so many different brands to choose from, it may be hard to find the look you want. We’ve made it easier by presenting the 7 ultimate men’s wedding collections that are sure to make every man in your wedding feel amazing and look even better.

Porsche or Ferrari, Which Is Better?

Porsche is manufactured by a German automobile manufacturing company based in Stuttgart, and was ranked as the 5th most popular automobile in the Car of the Century magazine and MSN Auto. Some of the popular models include 911, Boxster, Cayenne and 918 Spuder.

On the other hand, Ferrari is manufactured by an Italian automobile manufacturer, its company headquarters are in Maranello, Italy. Yahoo Autos ranked the Ferrari 458 Italia, as one of the top sports cars of all time. Some of the popular models of Ferrari are the California T, 488 GTB, 458 Italia and 458 Spider. In a comparison between Porsche and Ferrari, which maker comes out on top?

Top 6 Most Expensive Cars Sold In 2020

Cars are just cool, they go fast, they look really sleek, they show that you have a certain status, and they attract all kinds of attention. Like seriously, who doesn’t love a great looking, fast moving, and extravagant automobile? I know I do, and when it comes to luxury, price can’t really be considered, because you know what they say, “If you have to ask how expensive it is, then you probably can’t afford it.”

And when you want something nice like a luxury sports car, then the price really shouldn’t be that important because it’s not about the money, it’s about the beauty and joy you get from owning that car, oh yeah, and the speed too!

It’s pretty interesting to know just how much people are willing to spend on the fastest, best, and most luxurious sports cars out there. Keep going and find out just which cars took the top 6 list for the most expensive cars of 2016.

Top 8 Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

Diamonds are valuable gems, and many people like to adorn themselves with diamond earrings, necklaces and rings. Couples looking to get engaged often try to find the best diamond they can afford, and rich people buy expensive diamonds and keep them as part of their investment portfolio.

There are many factors that contribute to the value of a diamond, including carat, quality, cut and color. The following are the 8 most expensive diamonds in the world, the majority of the diamonds are either owned by private collectors or exhibited at the museum.

Top Paid CEO Scott Scherr


Being a CEO of a major company has its perks. You get to make the big decisions. You get treated like royalty when you go out. You also get a big fat paycheck, but how much is too much? Should you be able to earn more your company is worth? This is the question many are asking about Scott Scherr, the CEO of Ultimate Software Group Inc[NASDAQ:ULTI]., whose salary has more than doubled in the past few years to a whopping $38.3 million. Is it taboo to earn more on a yearly salary than the profit of the company you work for?



What does Scott Scherr actually do to be deserving of such a hefty bank deposit each year? Well, the answers may surprise you. Ultimate is involved the information management industry tackling Payroll, Human Resources, Talent, and Labor services. Many top companies and entities like Yamaha Corporation of America, Major League Baseball, Pep Boys, Texas Roadhouse, and Adobe Systems Inc., rely on Ultimate as a way to manage their employees and business activities. Glassdoor, a division of Ultimate Software Group which gathers, ratings and reviews of various job aspects looked for by both companies and employees, conducted an employee survey inviting past and currently employed Ultimate workers to rank their CEO. Scott was ranked with an impressive 95% approval rating!

If having the love and respect of his employees isn’t enough of a reason for such generous compensation the love of the company shareholders certainly is! Since 2008 Scherr has driven the shares of his company up by more than 1,000 percent and is expected to continue doing so! While as the saying goes you certainly can’t please everyone, for the majority of clients with stakes invested in Ultimate, business has been good, even if they think the management’s pay scale is tipped a bit too far.

CEO: Scott Scherr
Company Name: Ultimate Software
Headquarters: Weston, FL
Annual Revenue: $591 Million (2015)
Market Cap: $5.8 Billion
Founder: Scott Scherr