Private Jet Rentals – How Much? –

Private Jet Rentals – How Much?

They say there is no limit in the sky. Rich and luxurious travelers choose to live their lives without any boundaries and they have no hesitation in renting a private jet for a more exclusive vacation or trip. But it is very important to choose the right private jet rental company so that you are not ripped off! This article will give you an idea about the cost of private jet rentals and the names of the reliable operators that are involved in this service. For a start, the following table will give you a fair idea of a typical flight between popular locations in light, medium and heavy jets.

Sl No Origin Destination Flight Time Light Jet (USD) Mid Jet (USD) Heavy Jet (USD)
1. Miami Los Angeles 5.2 hrs 21 000 24 000 33 000
2. New York London 6.5 hrs 60 000
3. Chicago New York 2.0 hrs 9 000 12 000 18 000
4. St Maartin Miami 3.0 hrs 15 000 18 000 23 000

You should not lose heart right away as there are a few jet rental companies that allow you to charter a plane at a much more affordable rate., for example, offer private jet flights with empty seats on a deal basis. You can rent the full plane (6 seats) for just USD 536 each way. At this rate you can travel from Oxford (Connecticut) to Philadelphia or from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

This is not the only company that offers such deals. There are loads of last-minute deals which can be availed of. Surf Air, for example, offers unlimited offers unlimited private plane flights to and from locales like Santa Barbara and Las Vegas for a monthly membership of USD 1750 only plus a one-time initiation fee of USD 1000.

Special mention must be made of Vista Jet which is one of the leading private jet charter companies in the world. They have a fleet of state-of-the-art Bombardier aircraft to serve their rich and wealthy clients. Their service is unparalleled in the world of private jet rentals. They claim that they provide the most favorable rates in the industry and they have among their fleet jewels like Challenger 850, Challenger 605, Global 6000 et al.

Industry experts say that if you travel with a small of 7 persons or even fewer you can save a lot of money as you opt for a smaller plane. Private jet rentals are not a great choice for couples as the private jet rental companies usually rent out the entire private plane which has typically 4 seats or more.

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