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Cars Driven By The 10 Richest People In The World

#10 – Bernard Arnault, BMW 7-Series

Bernard Arnault finished a degree in engineering and then joined his father’s company in 1971, where after five years he made a bold case for liquidating the division of the company responsible for construction and focusing the company instead on Real-Estate; in only eight years he surpassed his father as the president of the company, and immediately started to acquire other companies. In 1987 “LVMH” was created and would serve as the conglomerate company that all of the businesses that Bernard acquired would run under.

LVMH is now a multi-billion dollar company that deals with the production of hundreds of luxury brands, and it has allowed 66 year old Bernard Arnault to spend his acquired 38 billion dollars on his greatest passion: art. Barnard has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in acquiring art and creating foundations that both reward accomplished artists and assist aspiring artists in continuing school to hone their craft. Arnault may not love cars as much as art but he still travels in relative style: his 85,000 dollar BMW certainly gets him from place to place in style.

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